Organize. Visualize. DecideDesigned for farmers and agronomists who need to gather and consolidate information to make key, management decisions.
Working with data can be a pain. Downloading files, sorting through piles of thumb drives and accessing data from various sources can be tedious and time consuming – especially after a long day in the field.The Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings connectivity to every phase of the farming cycle, completely automating the data workflow, so users can focus on action.
What’s right for my operation?
FieldsLayer all field data for agronomic insights. Visualize and decide.
DashboardOrganize operations and tasks in customizable widgets.
StorageEfficiently cleanse, organize, and share nearly all data formats.
Remote SupportComplete direct support in-cab for Topcon consoles.
Automatic SyncAutomatically uploads and syncs all in-cab and office data to TAP. Topcon display required
FleetConnected fleet management. Track and monitor metrics.
Plus relevant addons to enhance your experience.
Constant connectivity, any data format, clear visualization, and secure sharing. TAP is collaborative with value for all stakeholders.
  • Farmers can control data in one platform and focus on action.
  • Agronomists can spend more time on insights and less time collecting data.
  • Dealers can maximize revenue and time through subscriptions and remote support.
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